Friday, April 11, 2014

Enjoying Time Together

Although Fawkes and I have lots of work to do, tonight was just enjoying each other's company.  I like to mess with his little head by sometimes getting on and asking him for....nothing at all.

So we tacked up, wandered around for awhile, watched the bunnies go nuts (ah, bunny mating season so we get more bunnies.  Super), and then I got off and groomed him.

On Wednesday we had another jumping lesson where we continued our work on rhythm and straightness.  Trainer R helped me figure out that starting to apply my right leg earlier helps eliminate the Fawkesian drift.  Slowly but surely, we will get there.  It is funny how it sometimes get worse before it gets better but on the straightness front we are definitely making progress.

Tonight it was just nice to enjoy his company and be amused by his silly personality.  He is one odd little monkey, but at the end of the day, he is my special snowflake.

Also started our Keratex treatment, so we will see if that helps the feet cracks until the Farrier's Formula (hopefully) kicks in.


  1. I think it's really good to just get on them and not ask for anything :) Love Farrier's Formula, but I've never used Keratex. I'd be interested to hear wether or not you think it helps.

    1. I will let you know about the Keratex, the internet seems to swear by it. It certainly smells awful enough!