Saturday, April 5, 2014

Getting our Hunter On

Fawkes and I had a great jumping lesson this morning.  The weather was perfect, which always makes me happier, and Fawkes was in a good mood.  He kept trying to eat everything as I tacked him up.  The cross-ties, the brushes, me, his saddle pad, all was fair game.
Pretty pony

Had a really good warm up and then did some low, slow courses.  The whole name of the game was for me to keep him straight and keep the arch in my back and for him to stay calm and relaxed.

Game faces. 
Fawkes was foot perfect.  Interested, but totally doing his hunter thing and keeping a nice rhythm.  We were crashing a beginner jumper's lesson since I can't ride at my normal time tomorrow, so we mostly just stayed with cross rails which helped maintain the calm.  Fawkes didn't even mind the jackets decorating the standards.
Holy crap, I am not doing anything obviously stupid over this jump.
Probably time to retire.

I (mostly) managed to remember to use my outside aids and it is just flat miraculous how much that helps maintain straightness.  We did a few 2' verticals as well, but J got very distracted by the Evil Puppy and stopped paying attention to us.  

Puppy is loads of suicidal - broke free twice and chased horses.
Learn fast pup, learn fast.

However, my trainer's daughter agreed to show off a little for us, and that certainly got the photographer's attention


J commented how much easier it is for him to take good pictures when the jumps are bigger, and why can't Fawkes and I just do that?   Trainer R said Fawkes will be there before we know it, I just subtly willed Fawkes to kick J in the leg (traitorous horse didn't listen.  Figures).

Finished off with a quick stroll up the street and Fawkes was a wonderous trail horse.  Yay for good riding days!


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    1. Isn't he?? I hope he learns that chasing horses is a seriously bad idea!