Sunday, April 27, 2014

Killer Cat

Had a nice hack on Friday and it was mostly good.  Except for the mountain lion attack.

The crazy barn cat Caramel moseyed up to the outdoor and decided to take a nap on the elevated ledge during our ride.

Predictably, about 15 minutes later as Fawkes cantered by, Caramel freaked and jumped straight up into the air.  Fawkes flew to the left, terrified that we were both about to die a horrible eviscerated death.  He narrowly avoided this fate by freaking out and running us to the other corner of the ring.  You know, where the mountain lions can't go because...sand?

Or because Caramel got distracted by a stray piece of hay and started "killing" it.  Thanks silly cat, my back appreciated all the sudden motion.

A relatively quiet weekend here in general, everyone (i.e. J and Jasper) is still healing and getting bored.  I hiked with Maya yesterday and had a jumping lesson today.  It was another beautiful Saturday followed by a cold Sunday and all the horses were extra up - Fawkes was no exception.  Mostly though he was really good.  For the first time ever, we are starting to be able to land and travel straight after jumping fences on the right lead.  That is the bad way for both of us and getting over our crooked tendencies has been tough.  So while it is small progress, it is huge for me.

Stayed with jumping a gymnastic - 1 stride to 3 stride, and then a single fence on the other side.  Fawkes was very looky, but otherwise not too much of note. A friend saw my lesson after not seeing me ride in the past couple months and said my eq is definitely changing for the better.  Yay for positive reinforcement!

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