Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Outtakes and awesomeness

Had another jumping lesson tonight and Fawkes was on fire.  In the good way.  He had a ridiculous warm up, was light and carrying himself in the bridle, and was all ready to get to jumping.

Good thing too because the human half of the duo was not as on her A game.  I rode ok, but made a few dumb mistakes at fences.  On the positive learning front, trainer R saw that when I get concerned about what he is going to do in front of a fence I tense slightly and glance down.  And that makes Fawkes nervous and more likely to quit.  R said it is super subtle and she didn't even notice it until today, but now that she sees it, she thinks getting past that will be a key to getting him (and me) braver.

We clearly had a disagreement on take off for this fence, but holy hell he is so cute.
But even with that, Fawkes clearly really wants to jump these days.  Even when I biffed spots (see pic above)  he just kept moving forward.  The reality is that I need to keep working on riding the horse I have now and not the horse I had 2 years ago.  He has moved on and I must do the same.
We ain't never coming down!  I honestly don't even remember what I did to merit this one
Luckily I wasn't complete crap during the ride and we had some beautiful moments too.

R said her next goal is to get me to keep my chest a little farther off his neck, while releasing a tiny bit more. She said we are working on small changes at this point, which hopefully will be easier (of course they won't).

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