Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A little of this, a little of that

Lots of things in my head right now and not much cohesive thought, so I think it is time for a brain dump!

Handsome Aragorn
I had Fawkes seen by a saddle fitter this week, apparently because I hate the idea of money and feel the need to keep it as far away as possible.  The fitter said that Fawkes is pretty uneven - a 33 tree size on the left and a 31 on the right.  She was unconcerned by this, commenting that racehorses take a long time to even out.  I am more concerned, because he was fitted last about 18 months ago and that fitter said he was dead even.  New fitter basically said, that person wasn't me and I am sure he was uneven then too.  I am more wondering if our lack of dressage has lost us some muscle tone?

Because this was one muscled critter last summer
Either way, she thinks that my saddle is not working for him and it is time for a replacement.  Her views were a bit extreme for my taste, but who doesn't love an excuse to saddle shop?? See? Hate money. I have no real knowledge of different saddle brands so some test riding is in order.  Tomorrow I will try my friend's Prestige.

I also took a lesson with the barn's other hunter trainer as my usual trainer is at a horse show.  Trainer D made me do some crazy things like cross my reins to reverse my hand use and ride with one hand on my hip. At one point, it was like twister meets Simon Says on horseback (reverse reins, trot at the corner, canter on the long side, stop at B....ack!  Not smart enough for this!).  The lesson was enjoyable and trainer D is freaking hilarious.  But the no stirrups work left me a bit sore today.

The number of people at the show meant I was able to hop on another horse, an opportunity I do not often get so I am embracing it.  Just hacking around a nice little horse named Ollie but it is always good to see how other horse's respond to your aids.  Ollie doesn't have the hatred of my right leg that Fawkes does and his canter transitions are rock solid, so I was able to work on tightening up my cues.

Thinks he is a stud.
Finally, the flies have started to come out in force so I caved and put Fawkes' fly sheet back on.  He STILL hasn't finished shedding so I hated putting any more clothing on him, but hopefully this makes him less miserable.


  1. Saddle shopping really is fun. That definitely sounds like an interesting lesson!