Friday, July 25, 2014

Throwback..errr, Friday

We are definitely all out of new pictures, hopefully I can get J to come to the barn this weekend.

So here is a cell phone shot of the first time I ever sat on him.
What a cluster.  Nothing he did, but because he came from Maryland and was on a breeding farm and I couldn't even get measurements, I knew I would have to buy stuff after he arrived.  We also planned on giving him some time to adjust to altitude before putting him to work.  That happened, but my trainer and I couldn't resist at least hopping on him on his first full day to see what he was like.  Too bad nothing I had fit his tiny little face!  The bridle was jacked up onto the highest hole and was barely adequate and the noseband was a joke.  Same issue with the girth.  He was so good though, all we did was see how he stood for mounting (fine), see if he had steering (yes), brakes (yes), and knew what leg was (sort of).  Good day!

Back to the present, we had an excellent jumping lesson on Wednesday morning with R's daughter, R2.
We were test driving a barely used Stackhouse that is available on consignment for way more than my saddle budget, and also way more than anyone will pay.  Which is the only reason I am trying it - it is against my comfort level to trial something I can't afford but the consignment people say it is overpriced and they think they can bring the owner down.  And yet I still feel guilty. I am not a negotiation person, I am a "pay the price asked" person and feel bad that I am test riding a saddle I won't pay full price for.

Since we are in throwback land, one of our first dressage lessons.  So cute and so no idea what to do (either of us)
Because he has champagne and caviar tastes, Fawkes loved the thing and of course it seems to fit him like a glove.  Trainer R will verify the fit on Sunday, but I have already contacted the consignment place to begin negotiations.  And J is getting drug into this too because otherwise I will just spend way more than I planned.  And probably buy a timeshare too.  Such a sucker.

He was spot on in the lesson, locking on to each jump and tackling it.  He never gets strong like how I think of a stereotypical TB and drags me to jumps, but when he has his head in the game I can feel him find the jump, determine that is where we are headed, pick his spot, and adjust his stride to get us there.  All I have to is maintain straightness and not fuck up.  If only it were always like that.  We worked on a gymnastic (1 stride to 1 stride) and 2 single fences on the diagonal.  By the end the last fence in the line was 2'6" or 2'9" and Fawkes was going over it beautifully.

Early days of jumping, also clearing 2'6" even though the jump was 1'

This morning's ride was a trial of yet another different saddle (Prestige Nona Garson) that seemed decent and is a reasonable price if we can't get the Stackhouse pricing worked out.  I don't know that I loved it and I always want to take a lesson in it to see what my trainer thinks, but it might work out as a backup.  Please let saddle shopping be over soon.  Please?

Fawkes was extra spooky this morning - always a sign he needs a good run - and nearly ran me over freaking out as I brought him in to tack up.  What monster was haunting him?  The ring waterer.  Took me awhile to figure that out, but we had plenty of time as he snorted, spun, danced, rolled his eyes, refused to move, etc.  So he got a good run in the indoor and was a gentleman under saddle.  Worked on circles and canter transitions.  Today, the circles were much less bulgy, but the canter transitions were a bit worse.  OK Fawkes, I get it, you can only do one thing well on any given day.  That makes total sense!

First real show
On the health front, my farrier and I are watching a hoof crack/gouge/yet another suicidal horse manuever.  He apparently stepped on himself several months ago and my farrier warned me it could get ugly as the damage moved closer to the ground.  It is a horizontal crack and it looks pretty deep but Fawkes is still totally unphased.  We will see what happens at his next pedicure in a few weeks.


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  1. Saddle shopping is never fun, fingers crossed you find one soon!