Friday, July 4, 2014

Famous Fawkes

How cool is this?
This is what you see when you drive onto the property of Delaware Park race track, where Fawkes (Admiral Dumyat) ran.

This is one of the few races he actually won and they chose him as their literal poster child.  I was contacted through CANTER to get a picture of him in his current career to put into their racing program - basically link the horse on the banner with his post-retirement life.  Hopefully I will be able to get a scan of that too.

Love seeing pictures of him in his former life and love that a part of him is still at the track.

Riding has been good this week, not too much to note.  I finally put my new stirrup leathers on my saddle, really big news there!

Had a jumping lesson this morning.  It was hot but Fawkes was really good, we got lots of compliments.  Just worked on gymnastic lines in both directions and our usual frenemy - straightness.  Trainer R wants us to start jumping higher sooner so we can work more on my eye.  Well, on me keeping my eyes up and Fawkes straight and rhythmic so distances come to us.

Happy 4th!