Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I hate shopping

So I know that shopping for things is supposed to be fun, but I have always been a terrible shopper.  I have about 30 minutes of patience and then I want to go for ice cream.  When clothes shopping, I have a 3 outfit limit.  And realistically, I will probably just buy something online and hope it work.  Saddle shopping is proving to test the miniscule amount of patience I possess.

Haha, human, I will fit nothing so you suffer forever
I have tried out several different saddles.  The people at my barn have been amazingly generous about letting me borrow their tack so I can see what I like/don't like.  I have tried a Prestige (too big to get a good feel), Butet (nice, but didn't love), Bruno DelGrange (pretty much loved), and a couple Stackhouses (really liked).

This has taught me a few things.  One - the people I ride with have some really expensive shit. Two - if it isn't for sale, Fawkes will go like a goddamn rockstar in it.  Three - Conversely, if it is for sale and at a great price point, Fawkes will throw his head up, hollow his back and move like a 3 legged donkey.  Even if it looks like it fits JUST FINE.

I am talking about you beautiful Stackhouse.

The saddle fitter and I are not really seeing eye to eye so I am starting to get a bit frustrated all around.  I want a used saddle.  I am fine getting one and having it adjusted but I don't think it is crazy to say I am not buying new.  There are so many used saddles out there.  She is really pushing new, and certain brands, and expensive.  Which makes me not trust her/want to work with her.
He looked much cuter in my friend's orange Prestige than I thought he would
My best plan to move forward is to just work with my trainer to try and find something that fits without re-flocking.  I can't just buy online since Fawkes clearly needs the chance to test drive (i.e. in one Stackhouse he was happy as a clam, but in another seemed miserable).  My other idea is to have her check out the Stackhouse that is for sale to see if maybe it is close to being right and a fitter could make him  happier?  Or maybe he was just having a bad day??

Wow, this is one exceptionally whiny post.  On the plus side, he has been going great under saddle.  Our lesson on Sunday I was riding really defensively for no good reason and he quit a couple times.  Trainer R just started micromanaging me (let go of left rein now, apply both legs quietly) and when I shut my idiot brain off and just did what she said - not a single refusal.  Even over the "scary" boxes and mini-fence.  Which is helpful because, as she put it, we get into a bad spiral.  He gets a little sucked back, I get defensive, he thinks "shit, there IS something to be scared of" and quits.  If he sucks back and I stay quiet and just add leg, he goes " yes, ma'am".  I just need to get my body into that pattern.  My horse is no longer a quitter, I need to ride like it!


  1. Replies
    1. Ugh, it just so is. Why can't spending so much money be more fun?

  2. I don't blame you for not being happy with the saddle fitter. Pushy sales people are a pain in the ass. Yay for good rides though!

    1. Yeah, I am done with that lady, who needs that crap? Fawkes is more than willing to tell me what he thinks of a saddle's fit anyways!