Sunday, July 20, 2014

Fawkes in motion: trot

Friday morning we did a flat hack in the freshly harrowed arena.  No one else was around and it was so peaceful.  We got some really nice work and I think his trot is looking really smooth and huntery.  Admittedly, I am not expert on the hunter trot, but he certainly seems to be moving well.

At one point he did scrape his leg up by running into the brick retaining wall around the arena.  Thankfully it was superficial and maybe we learned a lesson about evading leg.

The saddle hunt continues - this ride was a in a friend's PJ that is way too small for me, but I like the saddle.  I saw a Stackhouse online I think I am going to order for trial and a consignment store has a Prestige that might work.  Hopefully I find something this week.

We spent the weekend up in the Never Summer wilderness area so Fawkes has just been chilling and rolling in the mud.  Back to work tomorrow

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