Sunday, August 31, 2014

A study in orange

When Fawkes was a racehorse, he was apparently noteworthy for being "the orangest horse around."  Obviously he wasn't noticed for being the fastest...

Anyways, successful jump lesson this morning.  I even took a picture of the ring set up so I don't have to try and remember it.  These were the heights for the lesson after mine, we are still chilling around 2'

Outside gymnastics with one strides, single on the other long side, singles on the diagonal
Fawkes was being a very good boy, although I was, for no good reason, riding a bit tentatively.  Cantered several jumps without trotting them first - always a big deal for us.  Then one of the neighboring farms turned their goats out and were herding them around a field.  To play it safe and not let Fawkes react we tried to be creative.  Jumped the line, halted.  Came around the corner and trotted the long side single.  Cantered around to the red diagonal, halted.  Trotted around to the blue diaganol.  Then trotted the red and cantered the blue.  It worked!  With the mixed in halts and trot fences he didn't get worked up and I managed to avoid my defensive maneuvers that freak him out.

After our ride, we got a bath.  In case you think your horse can win the derp award, Fawkes would like you to know about his entry.  In which I was washing his mane, he got bored, backed up and threw his head around, and managed to get the hose stream right in his ear.  He was soooo pissed.  He also spent his entire bath shaking like a dog so I got soaked too.  Thanks buddy.

Because he will be clean for about 30 minutes, I wanted to get some photos.  Then I decided to document his current colors, bumps, chips, and oddities.  So, I present our study in orange:

Princess horse won't eat apples ever since I poisoned apple sauce with bute

His pin firing scars which I still find so strange

He has lots of random white spots like this one behind his right ear.

This is the superficial hoof crack where he stepped on himself.  Ugly, but bothers him not at all.

Conformation shot expert I am not, but look at all the clean and shiny!  The white sock is white!

The sun was sadly behind a cloud because he is so shiny he actually can cause orange-blindness

Random scrapes on his right shoulder.  The face in the bottom right is likely the culprit, although
Fawkes is always asking for abuse.

Hocks that will never heal no matter what bedding he has.  Maybe an air mattress in his pen...

Our super fancy front pads

His tail has natural ombre effect and is basically a fall palette.
I love its colors and how well it deals with my neglect

Are you done yet lady or can I eat whatever you have??

So.....ass cheek chafing or, more likely, rubs from the fly sheet straps.  Oh the indignity.

Little orange ermine markings on his sock!

Lots of white hairs on the left hind.  
Happy long weekend!  We would celebrate with a trail ride if our barn weren't on VS lockdown.  So a hack tomorrow it is.


  1. I'm glad that keeping him busy kept his mind off of the orange horse eating goats. He looks good!

  2. I love orange ponies :) He is too cute!