Wednesday, August 20, 2014

This is Why I am Crazy

Horses, I swear.

The vet came to see Fawkes today and he flexed totally sound, front, back, and stifle.  No popping, no locking, no any indication at all that his stifle bothers him ever.  She did say he is rather stiff when we starts moving but her guess is his back hurts?  Which, ok, I guess I can make a crazy link in my head where his back his bothering him and this causes him to move differently which irritates his sticky stifle?  I don't know.

Draining your checkbook and not even sorry
So we are doing 3 days of rest and bute, then three days of walking under saddle and bute, then she is reassessing.  Which in my mind basically equals nothing.  Oh, and maybe a chiro visit.  I am not sure I agree this is value added, but I figure a week of experimenting can't hurt and we will take it from there.


  1. OMG love the photo caption! Oh horses always driving us crazy, but we still love them!

  2. I think they take secretly pleased being expensive ponies.

  3. Spending money = you love him :) ;)