Friday, August 8, 2014

Human NQR

Well, it has been a quiet week here as I have not been feeling great.  I had a lesson on Wednesday morning and the only word I can use to describe how I felt is "weak."  No idea what is going on, maybe I am fighting off some kind of virus?

The lesson went well in spite of me having to stop every 10 seconds.  Not too much to note, we just worked on trying to get straight to single fences on the diagonal and we still kind of suck at it.  Turning right off the rail (controlling left shoulder) isn't terrible but turning left (controlling right shoulder) seems to be getting worse before it gets better.  At least I  hope there is better in our future.

We also worked some more on the line down the long side where we did it in 6 strides one time and 5 the next.  Luckily we pretty much rock at that so it gave me something to feel good about.

The Prestige finally arrived late Wednesday and ugh, there is something weird going on there.  The top part of the saddle is in great shape and it looks like they had some work done (brand new billets) on other parts, but the sweat flaps are really strange.  They feel like they are made of plastic or something, they certainly do not feel like leather.  I guess they might have had them replaced with some really crappy leather? Can leather even be that stiff?  I am pretty disappointed.

Regardless, I went out to the barn after work to give it a go.  Threw it on him bareback and it seems to fit him reasonably well although not perfectly. Then we tacked up and went outside.  There were some, um, sketchy dark clouds coming in but I thought we would have time to ride.  

Like this, but more evil and dark
I didn't love the saddle, but nor did I hate it.  I still felt weak and useless but my leg seemed to stay in a very good place which is a plus.  It was squeaky, which I did not like.  Fawkes went well in it so no problem there.  I don't have time to wait until I am healthy or whatever to make a decision on this so I am going to try and power through a lesson tomorrow morning and see what my trainer thinks.  But I am leaning towards sending it back.  The sweat flap thing just weirds me out.  To that end, I ordered another saddle online, an equipe expression.  Pretty big risk since I have never had one on Fawkes' back but maybe we will get lucky.  

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