Sunday, August 10, 2014

What we do on Fawkes' Day Off

Fawkes and I had a jumping lesson yesterday morning and he was great.  I think we have overcome our most recent confidence set back and can start focusing on progress again.  I hope so anyways.  The course in the outdoor hasn't changed, so we just worked on the same things we have been.  My trainer says my riding has been coming along really well and she is very happy.  There was once, the first time through a line, that Fawkes got sideways and sucked back and squiggly and I rode it perfectly.  Added leg, straightened a bit, didn't overreact.  He broke from canter to trot, but still jumped it.  So pretty happy there.

I did send the Prestige saddle back (wow, shipping charges) and now on to the Equipe.

Today I decided to go for a hike.  Maya and J are off on their own multi-day adventure in another part of the state, so Jasper and I went to climb a more local mountain.  The traffic on the way home attempted to ruin our Rocky Mountain High, but it was a great hike. Photo dump time!
Jasper leads the way through a valley on the nicely marked trail,
shortly before it just vanishes and we have to wing it

At least it was pretty clear where we needed to get to,
that high point up in front of us

Stream drinking happy dog

Looking back well after the trail ended and we decided to just go straight up
(hiking hint, straight up is never the easiest way)

Summit ridge, nice slope we climbed there

So handsome

Lots of good mountain scenery

Jasper likes to run around mountain summits

Cool view of Torrey's on the descent