Saturday, August 23, 2014

Back under saddle

Rode Fawkes today in a mini-lesson.  I thought we were just walking but instead we did a little bit of all gaits and even some jumping.  I am not going to lie, he felt exactly the same to me as he always does, but trainer R thought he looked more comfortable.  He was well behaved after having basically 4 days off, which is always a nice thing.  One more day of bute and we will keep the riding relatively light until the vet comes again Wed.

His stifle wasn't locking at all so that definitely made me happy.  And the hoof crack that is finally down by the sole is holding up pretty well.  Farrier said it was ugly, but superficial and he appears to be correct since it isn't a beautiful foot at the moment but it is not bothering the horse at all.  Small miracles!

The saddle got the final passing grade it needed.  I can't say my trainer is in love with it, but then again, she is a tough sell and any issues were probably more me than the saddle.  Since I thought we were doing a walking lesson, and because I might be a pod person, I decided to go running yesterday.  For the first time in almost 3 years.  My motivation was really cross training cardio for riding, but regardless, I was a little sore today.

Now the saddle will get the uber oil treatment to break it in because the squeaking, oh the squeaking.

Made a rare trip to a tack store this afternoon but it was mostly a bust.  I did pick up a Kastel sun shirt.  So spendy but I am really hopeful it will help me stay cool.  I also need to experiment with ways to keep my head cool while riding.  I am a serious head sweater - people routinely ask me if I have hosed myself off when I remove my helmet.  Nope, just dehydrating myself through my head.  I have heard you can freeze a wet sponge in a ziploc bag for a cheap fix, so I might give that a try.  Worried about it affecting helmet fit though.

Oh, and a fun mean pony moment.  After I gave Fawkes his bute/applesauce paste and then a bunch of treats to apologize (after getting meds he goes all CSI on his treats because I am untrustworthy), I started to lead him out of the barn back to his run.  He takes about two steps and then drops his head and head butts me into the parking lot.  Not hard enough to hurt me and I swear he was laughing about it afterwards.  Tricksy critter.

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  1. I have this cool cap thing that you soak in cold water before your ride, ring it out, and then you can wear it under your helmet while you ride (or put it on after to cool down your head). I don't use it, but I got it for free from my BM. I'd be happy to send it to you for nothing if you want to try it out! Just email me at if you want. :)